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1/1/1776HKP 2-9 (A return of goods drawn out of the Continental Store [1/1/1776])
HKP 2-17 (Congressional appointment of William Burbeck to First Lieutenant Colonel in the Regiment of Artillery commanded by HK [1/1/1776])
HKP 2-18 (Receipt for goods from the Continental Store drawn by Capt. Eliphelet Newell's company [1/1/1776])
1776HKP 3-16 (Disposition of troops at New York [1776])
1/1/1776HKP 3-52 (HK to John Adams assessing strategy and officers' characters [9/25/1776])
1776HKP 3-94 ("An account of Clothing drawn out of the Continental Store" [12/1775])
HKP 3-105 (Troops furnished by State [1776])
1/3/1776HKP 2-12 (Payments by Lt. Col. Burbeck [1775, 1776])
HKP 2-25 (List of payments to the recruiting officers of the artillery [1/16/1776])
HKP 3-110 (Letter to HK from Jotham Horton who is ill with smallpox and needs cash [1/3/1776, should be 1777]; Note to "dear Harry" about being ill and bereft [Undated])
HKP 3-106 (Timeline of prisoner exchanges [1776-1779])
1/4/1776HKP 2-19 (Notes on resolutions made in Congress regarding the election of officers [1/4/1776])
HKP 2-20 (Congressional appointment of John Popkins, Esq. to the rank of Captain of a company in the Regiment of Artillery commanded by HK [1/4/1776])
1/5/1776HKP 2-21 (Letter from HK to LK containing descriptions of Albany and other parts of New York [1/5/1776, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-22 (Letter from HK to General Washington about delays in the movement of cannons to Cambridge [1/5/1776])
HKP 2-23 (Letter from HK to Capt. Bayler apologizing for takiing his horse [1/5/1776])
1/8/1776HKP 3-113 (HK to Wm Knox [1/8/1776])
1/10/1776HKP 3-115 (HK to LK [1/10/1776])
1/11/1776HKP 3-106 (Timeline of prisoner exchanges [1776-1779])
1/12/1776HKP 2-24 (Certification that Jim Gray has ridden seven miles [1/12/1776])

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