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Capt. HallHKP 1-13 (Letter to HK from Thos Longman)
Colonel Wm. HallHKP 55-22 (Letter from HK to Brig. Gen. Michael Jackson)
Jacob HallMeHS 1-1 (Account of debts and rents [Undated])
Danl. HallMeHS 1-1 (Account of debts and rents [Undated])
HallMeHS 1-1 (Page from an account ledger [Undated, Some names illegible])
James HallMeHS 1-1 (Shipping notice for James Hall [3/28/1771])
Mr. HallMeHS 1-1 (Letter from Jacob Keels asking to settle the Easte of Campten [undated])
Capt. HallHKP 1-20 (Confirming shipment on the Lydia of trunk and case of books [9/18/1772]; Letter to HK from David Maccluer regarding western travels with Delaware Indians [8/20/1772])
Captain HallHKP 1-21 (Letter confirming magazines sent on the Hannah by Mr. Longman [10/5/1772])
Capt. HallHKP 1-43 (Bill of lading from Thos. Longman [4/20/1773])
Wm. HallHKP 1-63 (Letter from Wm. Hall regarding lost pocketbook [6/28/1773])
Capt. HallHKP 1-157 (Letter from John Troutbeck regarding House of Commons and news of war and peace [2/1/1771])
Sergint HallHKP 3-59 (Account of Sundries to HK regiment [4/1776-9/1776, some names illegible])
Lieut. HallHKP 3-107 (Recruiting monies delivered by Capt. Lt. Treat [3/15/1777])
Elihu Hall Jur.HKP 3-108 (Letter from Elihu Hall to HK regarding LK's rental damages and rum drinking [1/2/1777])
Lieut. James HallHKP 3-125 ( Memo ordering duffle material and a" hatt" from James Hall [2/13/1777]; order for grape shot by HK [2/12/1777])
Lt Stephen HallHKP 3-127 (Treat orders duffle and coats [2/27/1777]; men recv coats)
Lieut. James HallHKP 3-135 (Order from HK for supplies [3/1777]; receipt for regimental coat [3/16/1777])
R HallMeHS 1-8 (Letter from R Hall to S Shaw ADC concerning closer of accounts [6/7/1783])
Saml. HallMeHS 1-15 (Receipt for spelling books, primers, bibles, ink, and quills [8/20/1788].)

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