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HoweMeHS 1-1 (Agreement for lease of Long Reach [8/1/1772])
General HoweHKP 2-21 (Letter from HK to LK containing descriptions of Albany and other parts of New York [1/5/1776, Some names illegible])
Genl. HoweHKP 1-160 (Letter from HK to Lucy discussing officers [1775, Some names illegible])
Generole HoweHKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])
Lord HoweHKP 3-9 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding news including small pox [8/1/1776, Some names illegible] )
Genl. HoweHKP 3-14 (Letter from HK to William Knox regarding an exchange of men [8/5/1776])
Lord HoweHKP 3-21 (HK to LK concerning domestic issues and some war talk [8/19/1776])
HKP 3-30 (HK to LK regarding war news [8/28/1776])
Ld. HoweHKP 3-44 (W. Knox to HK admonishing him for lack of news and providing his own [9/15/1776])
General HoweHKP 3-60 ("sketch of defense of General Washington's system of the Campaign of 1776 at New York and its vicinity, written for and given to Doctor Ramsay of South Carolina May 1786" [5/1786])
HKP 3-74 (Letter from Wm. Knox to HK asking for his opinions on what he thinks the British will do in the winter and whether France will help the colonies [10/20/1776])
Genl. HoweHKP 3-78 (LK to HK discussing stomach pain and distress at separation [11/6/1776])
HKP 3-82 (Letter from HK to LK with talk about the enemy, including highlanders being the most civil [11/8/1776, some names illegible])
HKP 3-83 (HK to LK discussing her wintering in Boston and war news [11/10/1776])
Mr. HoweHKP 3-85 (HK to LK regarding news and her move to Boston [11/14/1776, some names illegible])
Genl. HoweHKP 3-106 (Timeline of prisoner exchanges [1776-1779])
K. HoweHKP 3-106 (Timeline of prisoner exchanges [1776-1779])
General HoweHKP 3-149 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding General Howe [4/6/1777, some names illegible])
Cap. HoweMeHS 1-6 (Cash paid for vegetables, sundries and washing [undated])
HoweMeHS 1-6 (Cash paid expense of journey from Philadelphia to Williamsburgh [undated])

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