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AlbanyHKP 2-4 (Letter to Gen. Washington regarding the movement of artillery [12/17/1775])
HKP 2-6 (Letter from Schuyler to HK [12/10/1775])
HKP 2-7 (Letter from George Palmer about the removal of artillery and the disposition of the workers [12/29/1775])
HKP 2-3 (Letter to Col. McDougal at N. York regarding the purchase of mortars [12/17/1775]; Letter regarding transportation of mortars, [12/17/1775, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-21 (Letter from HK to LK containing descriptions of Albany and other parts of New York [1/5/1776, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-22 (Letter from HK to General Washington about delays in the movement of cannons to Cambridge [1/5/1776])
HKP 2-23 (Letter from HK to Capt. Bayler apologizing for takiing his horse [1/5/1776])
HKP 3-45 (News of deserters and a shortage in shoes to HK from James Kurnivall [9/18/1776])
HKP 3-48 (Letter from Wm. Know to HK discussing the latter's retreat from New York [9/23/1776])
HKP 3-61 (Letter from Philocles (Doctor Stringer) to Billy requesting some subterfuge [10/1/1776])
HKP 3-69 (Receipt for money for cloathing for Thomas Mifflin, signed illegible [10/8/1776]; Letter to William Knox from Doctr. Saml. Stringer regarding resignation of Genl. Schuyler, and regards to a list [10/9/1776])
HKP 3-74 (Letter from Wm. Knox to HK asking for his opinions on what he thinks the British will do in the winter and whether France will help the colonies [10/20/1776])
HKP 3-75 (Letter from Doctr. Saml. Stringer to William Knox berating him for lack of reply, and with highly detailed battle news [10/28/1776])
HKP 3-120 (Letter from Dr Stringer to Wm Knox [1/23/1777])
HKP 3-135 (Order from HK for supplies [3/1777]; receipt for regimental coat [3/16/1777])

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