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BostonHKP 1-7 (Letter to HK from Joseph Howland)
HKP 1-8 (Letter to HK from John Troutbeck)
HKP 1-9 (Letter to HK from John Troutbeck)
HKP 1-10 (Letter to HK from J Howland)
HKP 1-11 (Bill of Exchange from Thos Moss)
HKP 1-11a (Letter to HK from David Maccluer)
HKP 55-24 (Receipt from HK - Two pounds, eight shillings; Three pounds fourteen shillings)
HKP 55-25 (List of claims on the estate of Thomas Flucker Esq.)
HKP 55-31 (Auditor's Report, Treasury Department, on the accounts of HK , War Department)
HKP 55-40 (HK in account with John Wills [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-42 (Letter from HK to James McHenry on JM's appointment as Secretary of War [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-46 (Taylor's bill for Thomas Fluker from Josh. & Saml. Foster and school supplies from Samuel Whiting )
HKP 55-50 (Invoice to Waldo Fluker from Sam Whiting for board and school supplies, Letter from HK to Secretary of War regarding military appointments)
HKP 55-51 (Letter from Eben. Pemberton to HK regarding payment of Waldo's and Thomas's bills and invoice from EP and Mr. Whiting )
HKP 55-52 (Letter from John Richards to HK declining invitation and regarding politics, Invoice for Thomas C. T. Fluker from Eben Pemberton for tuition)
HKP 55-54 (Letter to Miss Knox from Martha Hager regarding the death of MH's father [Some names illegible], Check to Ceasar Lloyd from HK, Order for shoes from Eben. Pemberton to Mr.'s J. & S. Foster for Thomas Fluker )
HKP 55-55 (Letter to Miss Lucy Knox from Martha Hager regarding an engagement and mutual acquaintances [Some names illegible] and invoice for Thomas Flucker from Josh. and Saml. Foster)
HKP 55-56 (Letter to HK from nephew regarding unpaid bills from last term)
HKP 55-57 (Letter to Miss Lucy Knox from Martha Hagar regarding family and correspondence)
HKP 55-58 (Account for resurveying the Patent in 1798, adjusted 6 March 1800 [Some name illegible])

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