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CambridgeHKP 55-76 (Letter to HK from NG regarding debate and Convention [Undated])
HKP 1-24 (Letter from Suky Inman to Lucy Fluker regarding mutual acquaintances [9/no date/1772, Memo dated June 1858, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-3 (Letter to Col. McDougal at N. York regarding the purchase of mortars [12/17/1775]; Letter regarding transportation of mortars, [12/17/1775, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-5 (Letter from HK to his "dearest companion" [12/17/1775])
HKP 2-12 (Payments by Lt. Col. Burbeck [1775, 1776])
HKP 2-10 (Letter from Walter Livingston providing four pair of horses to help move cannons [undated]; Letter to William Knox from John Waldo [1775])
HKP 2-21 (Letter from HK to LK containing descriptions of Albany and other parts of New York [1/5/1776, Some names illegible])
HKP 2-22 (Letter from HK to General Washington about delays in the movement of cannons to Cambridge [1/5/1776])
HKP 1-159 (Report of the Day [6/30/1775]; Memo of money & names [Undated])
HKP 1-160 (Letter from HK to Lucy discussing officers [1775, Some names illegible])
HKP 1-162 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding General Washington and Genl. Lee [7/9/1775])
HKP 1-163 (Letter from Henry to Lucy discussing his movement, fellow Generals, and current events [7/11/1775])
HKP 2-27 (Letter from HK to General Washington concerning shells and other articles which were ordered but not delivered [1/25/1776])
HKP 1-165 (Letter to HK from Jos. Howland sending hosiery, and expressing anger at the removal of stock from Fishers Island [8/13/1775])
HKP 1-167 (Letter from HK to Billy regarding obtaining Billy a commission [9/25/1775])
HKP 1-168 (Copy of HKP 1-167 of letter from HK to Billy regarding obtaining Billy a commission [9/25/1775])
HKP 1-170 (Letter from Joseph Greenleaf to Genl. Washington regarding a plan [10/23/1775]; Letter from HK to Billy about Fish's horse [10/2/1775])
HKP 1-172 (Letter to Lucy from HK outlining plans for travel to Ticonderoga [11/16/1775])
HKP 1-173 (Letter from Stephen Moylom to Governor Morris introducing Henry Knox [11/16/1775])
HKP 1-175 (Letter from HK to Genl. Washington with plans to cast artillery [11/27/1775]; Letter to LK from HK with war news [11/27/1775])

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