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Morris TownHKP 3-112 (HK to LK re battles of Trenton area [1/7/1777])
HKP 3-114 (HK to LK [1/8/1776])
HKP 3-115 (HK to LK [1/10/1776])
MeHS 1-5 (Memdrandom of money paid for mending coat [undated])
MeHS 1-5 (Receipt for cash lent [faded ink, undated])
HKP 3-122 (Acct of payments to HK [undated]; memo of troop movements from S Shaw [1/30/1777])
HKP 3-126 (Troop mvments and orders by S Shaw [undated]; men discharged by HK [3/24/1777]; recpt of "laced hatt" by Sutton [2/16/1777])
MeHS 1-5 (Received of Shaw spirits, chocolate, brown sugar, and flour [6/28/1780])
MeHS 1-5 (Wagon delivery of flour at Morris Town [8/15/1780])
HKP 3-134 (Letter to HK from H. Jackson regarding bounties and a Mr. Hill [3/16/1777, some names illegible])
HKP 3-137 (Letter to HK from H Jackson regarding arrival of French ship in Portsmouth [3/20/1777])
HKP 3-138 (Letter to HK from William Knox regarding army affairs [3/20/1777])
HKP 3-139 (Letter to HK from brother expressing affection and tracking belongings [3/23/1777,some names illegible])
HKP 3-143 (Letter to Lucy Knox from HK expressing affection [3/31/1777])
HKP 3-144 (Letter to HK from Harry Jackson regarding troop levels [4/1/1777])
HKP 3-146 (Letter to HK from William Knox regarding correspondence, French fleet [4/1/1777, some names illegible])
HKP 3-147 (Letter to HK from Harry Jackson regarding 15th Battalion and a Committee's decision.[4/3/1777])
HKP 3-149 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding General Howe [4/6/1777, some names illegible])
HKP 3-150 (Letter to HK from William Knox in which he wants to bring some issues to HK's attention. [4/7/1777, some names illegible])
HKP 3-151 (Bill for HK from Thomas Mifflin [4/7/1777, some names illegible]; Promissory note to HK [4/8/1777, some names illegible])

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