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New HavenHKP 55-31 (Auditor's Report, Treasury Department, on the accounts of HK , War Department)
HKP 3-2 (Letter from HK to LK Knox discussing problems Lucy had traveling and their children [7/24/1776])
HKP 3-9 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding news including small pox [8/1/1776, Some names illegible] )
HKP 3-10 (Letter from Lucy to HK expressing concern over HK's health [8/4/1776] )
HKP 3-11 (Letter from Wm. Knox to Lucy discussing every day activities [8/4/1776])
HKP 3-19 (Letter from HK to Lucy attempting to alleviate her worries [8/15/1776])
HKP 3-21 (HK to LK concerning domestic issues and some war talk [8/19/1776])
HKP 3-22 (LK to brother [William Knox] regarding domestic and war news [8/19/1776])
HKP 3-24 (LK to William with news of battles in New York [8/23/1776])
HKP 3-27 (Wm. Knox to sister [Lucy Knox] discussing social issues [8/25/1776]; HK to William Knox to pay Capt. Perkins [8/26/1776])
HKP 3-33 (HK to LK in a brief note [9/2/1776]; Note to HK to pay Isaiah Doane [9/2/1776]; Pay order from HK to William Knox [8/11/1776])
HKP 3-35 (William Knox to LK discussing war events including the retreat from Long Island [9/2/1776])
HKP 3-41 (HK to LK philosophizing about the nature of war [9/7/1776])
HKP 3-47 (LK to William Knox revealing that his brother was taken prisoner [9/20/1776])
HKP 3-49 (HK to LK discussing the war [9/19/1776])
HKP 3-77 (HK to LK discussing the latest attack by the British on a hill [11/1/1776])
HKP 3-79 (HK to LK with an update on war, including the British retiring, possibly to Philadelphia [11/6/1776])
HKP 3-81 (Letter from HK to Peter Billey Imian [11/7/1776])
HKP 3-87 (Letter from HK to LK regarding the surrender of Fort Washington [11/18/1776])
HKP 3-88 (Letter from HK to LK regarding general news [11/22/1776])

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