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NewburyportHKP 55-120 (Letter to HK from A. Bradford regarding introduction of Mr. Bennet and Mills [Undated, Some names illegible])
HKP 1-25 (Book order from Joseph Clarke [1/10/1773])
HKP 1-30 (Book order from Benj. West [2/4/1773]; Payment confirmation from Bulkeley Emerson [2/16/1773])
HKP 1-44 (Book order from Chas. Burdett [4/23/1773]; Book order from William Miller [4/25/1773])
Newburypt.HKP 1-47 (Book order from William Miller [5/15/1773])
NewburyportHKP 1-51 (Book order from W. Wetmore [5/22/1773]; Receipt from Bulkeley Emerson [5/24/1773])
HKP 1-56 (Repeat of book order from William Miller [6/5/1773]; Book order from Bulkeley Emerson [6/3/1773])
HKP 1-60 (Receipt of books for William Miller [6/16/1773])
Newbury PortHKP 1-71 (Request for globes from John Vinal [8/6/1773]; Book order from Jno. Murray [7/27/1773])
NewburyHKP 1-87 (Acknowledgement by Daniel Bayley to HK regarding book [12/21/1773]; Book order from Joseph Clarke [12/23/1773])
Newbury PortHKP 1-92 (Book order from Mich. Lee [1/4/1774]; Confirming letter from Daniel Bayley [1/4/1774])
HKP 1-101 (Book order from Bulkeley Emerson [3/11/1774]; Debt acknowledged by Robt. Towle [3/10/1774])
NewburyportHKP 1-116 (Letter from Joseph Clarke [5/3/1774]; Letter from T. Cary [5/13/1774])
Newbury PortHKP 1-122 (Letter from John Manning Jr. [6/13/1774]; Letter from Daniel Bayley [5/24/1774])
HKP 1-118 (Letter from Dr. Godfry Smith [5/14/1774])
NewburyHKP 1-133 (Letter from Henry Jackson [7/20/1774]; Letter to Wm. Knox from J. Waldo [7/21/1774])
NewburyportHKP 1-167 (Letter from HK to Billy regarding obtaining Billy a commission [9/25/1775])
HKP 1-168 (Copy of HKP 1-167 of letter from HK to Billy regarding obtaining Billy a commission [9/25/1775])
NewburyHKP 1-170 (Letter from Joseph Greenleaf to Genl. Washington regarding a plan [10/23/1775]; Letter from HK to Billy about Fish's horse [10/2/1775])
Newbury PortHKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])

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