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PhiladelphiaHKP 55-31 (Auditor's Report, Treasury Department, on the accounts of HK , War Department)
HKP 55-32 (Letter from LK to Mrs. Ogden regarding moving to Philadelphia)
HKP 55-35 (Letter to HK from Col. John Doughty reporting his travels.)
HKP 55-38 (Letter from HK to [unclear])
HKP 55-40 (HK in account with John Wills [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-41 (Letter from HK to unknown [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-47 (Clothing orders for Waldo Flucker; Letter from HK to J. Pierce Esq. regarding money [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-52 (Letter from John Richards to HK declining invitation and regarding politics, Invoice for Thomas C. T. Fluker from Eben Pemberton for tuition)
HKP 55-64 (Letter to HK from H. Jackson regarding building construction and bricks)
HKP 55-66 (Letter from Ths. M. Willing and unknown regarding the estate of Wm. Bingham [Some names illegible]; Receipt to Saml. Pachard signed by HK )
HKP 55-75 (Ordnance stores necessary for the intended operations southward [Undated])
HKP 55-84 (Letter to HK from S. L. Flucker regarding family news [8/16/no year, Some names illegible])
HKP 55-91 (Letter of introduction for Mr. Thornby to HK from A. Breck [7/24/no year])
HKP 55-93 (Letter to Mrs. Knox from S. L. Beaumey regarding family [1/no day/no year])
HKP 55-105 (Account sales for HK, paper, account books, trunk; Letter to HK in French [Undated])
HKP 55-114 (Letter to Mrs. Knox from sister regarding family news; receipt for a pair of shoes [Undated])
HKP 55-121 (List of ye present claimers under the 28 original associated [Undated, Some names illegible])
HKP 1-31 (Book order from Jason Haven [2/15/1773]; Book order from David McCluer [2/17/1773])
HKP 1-20 (Confirming shipment on the Lydia of trunk and case of books [9/18/1772]; Letter to HK from David Maccluer regarding western travels with Delaware Indians [8/20/1772])
HKP 1-50 (Letter from Benj. West apologizing for not having funds [5/21/1773]; Promise of payment from Danl. Fowle [5/21/1773])

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