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SalemMeHS 1-1 (Pages from an account ledger [Undated])
HKP 1-34 (Land sale in Groton to Lakin and Whitney [Undated]; Book order from David Hopkins [3/8/1773])
HKP 1-35 (Book order from David Hopkins [3/11/1773]; Book order from Andrew Oliver [3/9/1773])
HKP 1-38 (Letter from Andrew Oliver [3/28/1773]; Book order from Elijah Parsons [3/30/1773])
HKP 1-42 (Book order from Benj. West [4/12/1773]; Book order from Andrew Oliver [4/19/1773])
HKP 1-51 (Book order from W. Wetmore [5/22/1773]; Receipt from Bulkeley Emerson [5/24/1773])
HKP 1-64 (Book order from R. B. Nickolls [6/28/1773])
HKP 1-66 (Book order from Richd. Nickolls [7/6/1773])
HKP 1-81 (Book order from Rev RB Nickolls [11/20/1773])
HKP 1-84 (Debt acknowledgement for Mr.'s Towle by Oliver Whipple [12/17/1773]; Sympathy letter from Silvanus Ripley [12/17/1773])
HKP 2-11 (Letter from Jona. Waldo to William Knox regarding troop movement [1775])
HKP 1-93 (Letter from Andrew Oliver [1/9/1774]; Book order from Wm. Paine [1/9/1774])
HKP 1-100 (Letter from Andrew Oliver [3/7/1774]; Copies of (submerged) love letters from HK to LF [1773 & 1774])
HKP 1-106 (Letter from Mark Hopkins [3/29/1774]; Letter from Silvanus Ripley [4/1/1774])
HKP 1-123 (Letter from Robt. Parker Jr. [6/14/1774]; Letter from Andrew Oliver [6/15/1774])
HKP 1-132 (Book order from Andrew Newell [7/20/1774]; Letter from Charles Dudley [7/19/1774])
HKP 1-133 (Letter from Henry Jackson [7/20/1774]; Letter to Wm. Knox from J. Waldo [7/21/1774])
HKP 1-140 (Bill of Lading from Thomas Longman [8/6/1774])
HKP 1-144 (Letter from Mr. Longman [9/3/1774])
HKP 1-150 (Letter to Billy from Jona. Waldo [11/9/1774])

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