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New YorkHKP 55-1 (Provision Return for the Prisoner in the Provost Guard )
HKP 55-2 (Provisions for Prisoners)
HKP 55-22 (Letter from HK to Brig. Gen. Michael Jackson)
HKP 55-23 (Roll of Muster of Captn. E. Hpskins Company Conn. Light Infy. for the Months of Oct. Nov. & Dec. 1783 & part of Jan 1784. Including rank, names, term of inlistmnt, casualties, mustered, time since last mustered, alliration since last muster.)
N. YorkHKP 55-26 (Letter to HK from William Knox)
New YorkHKP 55-30 (Letter to HK from Col. Wadsworth regarding the salmon the Col. sent. [Wadsworth's first name illegible])
HKP 55-31 (Auditor's Report, Treasury Department, on the accounts of HK , War Department)
HKP 55-32 (Letter from LK to Mrs. Ogden regarding moving to Philadelphia)
HKP 55-40 (HK in account with John Wills [Some names illegible])
HKP 55-61 (Letter from Anna Breck to Miss Knox regarding engagement and relationships [Some names illegible])
County of YorkHKP 55-74 (Inventory of of land in Counties of Cumberland & York, Estae of Thos. Flucker, Esq. with petition over division [Undated])
N. YorkHKP 55-76 (Letter to HK from NG regarding debate and Convention [Undated])
New YorkHKP 55-91 (Letter of introduction for Mr. Thornby to HK from A. Breck [7/24/no year])
HKP 55-101 (Reasons why Springfield is more proper than Brookfield for Magazines [Undated])
N. YorkHKP 55-118 (Letter to unknown from L. Knox regarding her missing HK; list of wages for officers [Undated])
YorkHKP 55-119 (A draft of York and its Environs [1781])
York RiverHKP 55-119 (A draft of York and its Environs [1781])
New YorkHKP 55-122 (Letter to HK from unknown regarding land business; Letter to HK from T. Gordon regarding help for a woman whose husband is in New York Prison [Undated, Some names illegible])
N. YorkHKP 1-27 (Letter to HK from James Rivington regarding newspapers[1/5/1773, Some names illegible])
New YorkHKP 1-28 (Letter to HK from Samuel Goodwin regarding bibles [1/20/1773, Some names illegible]; Letter to HK from Moses M Hays regarding stationary store [1/21/1773]; Letter to HK from Benj.West regarding books [1/22/1773])

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