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Allen Town



Mr. Allen

Ebn. Allen

Ba. Allen

Samuel Allen

Jerm. Allen

Henry Allen

John Allen

Jno. Allen

W. Allen

Capt. S. Allen

Colo. Allen

Benjm. Callender

Benjn. Callender

Capt Leiut Allen

Capt Lieut David Allen

Coll. Allen

Mr. John Callender

Eliezer Callender

John Callender

Capt. David Allen

Ethan Allen

Capt Allen

Benj Callender Jr.

Allen Crocker


MeHS 1-4 (Mr. William Knox to Benjn. Callender for making jacket and breeches [7/13/1778])

HKP 3-39 (Lucinda to "Philander" with apologies for tardy return of borrowed books [9/6/1776]; Saml. Shaw to William Knox about capture of Johnson and John Callender [9/5/1776])

HKP 3-40 (Eliezer Callender to HK about son John's possible death [9/6/1776])

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