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Boston Harbor


HKP 2-13 (List of proposed rules to maintain the safety of Boston Harbor [Undated])

HKP 2-16 (Notes on incidences when bodies of water caught fire due to oil slicks, and a proposal for an experiment to determine what would happen to ships if Boston Harbor were to do the same. [Undated])

HKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])

HKP 3-31 (Wm. Knox to HK regarding Boston Town meeting and events [8/29/1776])

HKP 3-83 (HK to LK discussing her wintering in Boston and war news [11/10/1776])

HKP 3-85 (HK to LK regarding news and her move to Boston [11/14/1776, some names illegible])

MeHS 1-5 (Note about delivery of sugar from Boston to Valley Forge [4/7/1780])

MeHS 1-15 (Account of monies paid and advanced to individuals. Record of disbursements on a journey from New York to Boston [8/14/1788, Some names illegible].)

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