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General Washington

General Washington


HKP 2-22 (Letter from HK to General Washington about delays in the movement of cannons to Cambridge [1/5/1776])

HKP 1-162 (Letter from HK to Lucy regarding General Washington and Genl. Lee [7/9/1775])

HKP 2-27 (Letter from HK to General Washington concerning shells and other articles which were ordered but not delivered [1/25/1776])

HKP 1-176 (Letter from Josiah Quincy to General Washington suggesting naval plans [11/27/1775])

HKP 1-179 (HK to General Washington regarding troops [12/5/1775]; one page of 3 notes regarding compensation for board and for general's pay [12/1775 - 6/1775])

HKP 3-60 ("sketch of defense of General Washington's system of the Campaign of 1776 at New York and its vicinity, written for and given to Doctor Ramsay of South Carolina May 1786" [5/1786])

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