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Capt. Hall

Colonel Wm. Hall

Mr. Benjamin Hallowell

Jacob Hall

Danl. Hall

Sa. Halls

Benja. Hallowell

Sm. Hallowell

Saml. Marshall

James Hall

Mr. Hall

Captain Hall

Wm. Hall

Ethener Hallonell

Sergint Hall

Lieut. Hall

Elihu Hall Jur.

Lieut. James Hall

Lt Stephen Hall

R Hall

Saml. Hall


MeHS 1-1 (Shipping notice for James Hall [3/28/1771])

HKP 1-63 (Letter from Wm. Hall regarding lost pocketbook [6/28/1773])

HKP 3-108 (Letter from Elihu Hall to HK regarding LK's rental damages and rum drinking [1/2/1777])

HKP 3-125 ( Memo ordering duffle material and a" hatt" from James Hall [2/13/1777]; order for grape shot by HK [2/12/1777])

MeHS 1-8 (Letter from R Hall to S Shaw ADC concerning closer of accounts [6/7/1783])

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