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Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson


HKP 1-133 (Letter from Henry Jackson [7/20/1774]; Letter to Wm. Knox from J. Waldo [7/21/1774])

HKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])

HKP 3-3 (Letter from Henry Jackson describing ship movement and mention of Hanovermen [7/29/1776] )

HKP 3-38 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK discussing death of officers [9/5/1776])

HKP 3-42 (Henry Jackson to HK regarding the loss of Long Island [9/9/1776])

HKP 3-55 (Henry Jackson to HK telling him it was a good idea to evacuate Long Island [9/26/1776])

HKP 3-72 (Letter to HK from Henry Jackson regarding ships captured [10/10/1776])

HKP 3-73 (Letter to HK from Henry Jackson addressing concerns for the reenlistment of the troops in December [10/14/1776])

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