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Col. Michael Jackson

Brig. Gen. Michael Jackson

Fifer Matthew Jackson

General Michael Jackson

Gen. Jackson

General Jackson

Genl. Jackson

H. Jackson

Captain Jackson

Widow Jackson

Mr. Jackson

Richd. Jackson

John Jackson

Mr. Heny. Jackson

2nd Lieut Thomas Jackson

Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson

Harry Jackson

Mr. John Jackson

Coll. Jackson

Col Jackson

Col. Jackson

Capt. Lt. Jackson

Col. Harry Jackson

Colo. H. Jackson


HKP 55-21 (Letter from M. Jackson (3rd Regiment Massachusetts) to Congress)

HKP 55-22 (Letter from HK to Brig. Gen. Michael Jackson)

HKP 55-34 (Letter to HK from Col. William Hull on the petition of General Michael Jackson for pension)

HKP 55-64 (Letter to HK from H. Jackson regarding building construction and bricks)

HKP 1-133 (Letter from Henry Jackson [7/20/1774]; Letter to Wm. Knox from J. Waldo [7/21/1774])

HKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])

HKP 3-3 (Letter from Henry Jackson describing ship movement and mention of Hanovermen [7/29/1776] )

HKP 3-13 (Letter from Harry Jackson to HK about an account of a privateer sloop [8/5/1776])

HKP 3-20 (Letter from H. Jackson to HK concerning troops and war activities [8/19/1776])

HKP 3-38 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK discussing death of officers [9/5/1776])

HKP 3-42 (Henry Jackson to HK regarding the loss of Long Island [9/9/1776])

HKP 3-51 (To HK from H Jackson informing him that he marches tomorrow [9/23/1776])

HKP 3-55 (Henry Jackson to HK telling him it was a good idea to evacuate Long Island [9/26/1776])

HKP 3-72 (Letter to HK from Henry Jackson regarding ships captured [10/10/1776])

HKP 3-73 (Letter to HK from Henry Jackson addressing concerns for the reenlistment of the troops in December [10/14/1776])

MeHS 1-4 (A barter document John Jackson bought ducks, fowls from Mr. Lawrence. Receipt for red wine bought from Mr. Blecker paid with flour. [undated])

HKP 3-134 (Letter to HK from H. Jackson regarding bounties and a Mr. Hill [3/16/1777, some names illegible])

HKP 3-137 (Letter to HK from H Jackson regarding arrival of French ship in Portsmouth [3/20/1777])

HKP 3-144 (Letter to HK from Harry Jackson regarding troop levels [4/1/1777])

HKP 3-147 (Letter to HK from Harry Jackson regarding 15th Battalion and a Committee's decision.[4/3/1777])

HKP 3-156 (Letter to HK from H. Jackson about order to march to Providence [4/14/1777])

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