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Jona. Waldo

Mr. Jona. Waldo


HKP 2-11 (Letter from Jona. Waldo to William Knox regarding troop movement [1775])

HKP 1-150 (Letter to Billy from Jona. Waldo [11/9/1774])

HKP 1-151 (Letter to William Knox from Jona. Waldo [11/14/1774])

HKP 1-155 (Letter to Wm. Knox from Jona. Waldo requesting he be included in militia and to purchase a firearm [1774])

HKP 3-91 (Letter from Jona. Waldo to Wm. Knox regarding dodging the draft, General Howe in Philadelphia, and congress going to Baltimore [12/6/1776])

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