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North Kingstown

Muskingum River

Kings Ferry

Kings Bridge

King's Bridge




Ensign Jacob Kingsbury

Rufus King Esq.

Mr. Kingston

Geo. King Esq.

3rd Lieut Peter King

Mr. King

Lt King

Lieut King


HKP 55-36 (Letter from HK to Rufus King)

HKP 55-80 (Letter from Lucy Knox to sister asking about family during the war [Undated, Some names illegible])

MeHS 1-1 (Letter from Jacob Keels asking to settle the Easte of Campten [undated])

HKP 2-2 (Letter from W. Knox to his brother about a boat nearly sinking [12/14/1775])

MeHS 1-4 (Mr. William Knox to Benjn. Callender for making jacket and breeches [7/13/1778])

HKP 3-1 (Letter from Henry Jackson to HK describing the taking of ships in Boston Harbor and the assigning of militia [7/29/1776])

HKP 3-74 (Letter from Wm. Knox to HK asking for his opinions on what he thinks the British will do in the winter and whether France will help the colonies [10/20/1776])

HKP 3-84 (Letter from Jonathan Hastings to HK asking him to secure him a position as Aid de Camp and informing him of a ship with clothing arriving in New York [11/13/1776])

HKP 3-108 (Letter from Elihu Hall to HK regarding LK's rental damages and rum drinking [1/2/1777])

HKP 3-139 (Letter to HK from brother expressing affection and tracking belongings [3/23/1777,some names illegible])

MeHS 3-3 (List of payments due William Roberts for washing windows and making a large hen kub [10/5/1792])

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