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Mrs. Knox


HKP 55-67 (Invoice to HK from C. Kendall and to Mrs. Knox for china from E. A. Bourne [Some names illegible])

HKP 55-93 (Letter to Mrs. Knox from S. L. Beaumey regarding family [1/no day/no year])

HKP 55-114 (Letter to Mrs. Knox from sister regarding family news; receipt for a pair of shoes [Undated])

MeHS 1-3 (Food items left with Mrs. Knox [6/4/1779])

HKP 1-158 (Letter from Jona.Waldo to Billy requesting gun [3/1775]; Letter to Mrs. Knox from her brother Flucker describing Antigua [3/9/1775])

MeHS 1-4 (Receipt of Shaw to Horton for Mrs. Knox scisars [9/1778])

MeHS 1-5 (Receipt for sugar sold to Mrs. Knox [undated])

HKP3-162 (Letter from HK to Mrs. Knox [4/26/1777])

HKP3-163 (Letter from Ralph Isaacs to Mrs. Knox [4/30/1777, Some names illegible])

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