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T Shaw ADC

Captain Shaw

Major Shaw ADC

Joshua Hershaw

James Shaw

Mr. Shaw

Majr. Shaw

Mr. Shaw

Major Shaw

Maj. Shaw

3rd Lieut Saml. Shaw

Coll. Henshaw

Major Frank Shaw

Saml. Shaw

Adjutant Saml. Shaw

Adjutant Shaw

Adj S Shaw

Mr Shaw

Sam.l Shaw

Major Shaw

Capt Lt Shaw

Capt Shaw

Major Samuel Shaw

Capt. Shaw

S. Shaw A.D.C.

S. Shaw

S. Shaw A.D.Camp

S. Shaw ADC

Shaw ADC

S. Shaw AD Camp

Major S. Shaw ADC

S Shaw ADC

Major Samuele Shaw

Capt. S. Shaw


MeHS 1-3 (Account of money received from Shaw by Israel Holt [Undated])

MeHS 1-4 (Receipt of Shaw to Horton for Mrs. Knox scisars [9/1778])

HKP 3-39 (Lucinda to "Philander" with apologies for tardy return of borrowed books [9/6/1776]; Saml. Shaw to William Knox about capture of Johnson and John Callender [9/5/1776])

MeHS 1-5 (Major Shaw bt of Anthony L. Blucker 20 gall port wine [undated])

HKP 3-122 (Acct of payments to HK [undated]; memo of troop movements from S Shaw [1/30/1777])

HKP 3-126 (Troop mvments and orders by S Shaw [undated]; men discharged by HK [3/24/1777]; recpt of "laced hatt" by Sutton [2/16/1777])

MeHS 1-6 (Rec'd payment of Major Samuel Shaw of money lent [undated])

MeHS 1-8 (Letter from R Hall to S Shaw ADC concerning closer of accounts [6/7/1783])

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