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Mr. Jacob Smith

Christopher Smith

Privt. Oliver Smith

William Smith

Elisth. Smith

Joh. Michael Kleinsmith

Anna Maria Kleinsmith

Cap. John Smith

Thos. Smith

John Smith

Samu. Smith

Sm. Smith

Mr. Smith

Mr. Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith

Jermiah Smith Esq.

Mr. Wm. Smith

Eben. Smith

Josiah Smith

Doctor Godfry Smith

Paschal N. Smith


Mr. Panal Smith

Mr. Pascal Smith

O. Smith

Doctr. Smith

Dr. Smith

Doct. Smith

Thomas Smith

Melancton Smith

Mrs Smith

Samuel Smiths


MeHS 1-1 (Payment to Mr. Isaac Appleton from Jr. Isaac Smith [12/7/1750])

HKP 1-118 (Letter from Dr. Godfry Smith [5/14/1774])

MeHS 1-4 (Receipt Mr. Wm. Knox to Platt & Smith for 6 casks [8/28/1778])

MeHS 1-6 (Account with Sears & Smith [undated])

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