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Thomas Fluker

Master Thomas Fluker

Mr. Thomas Fluker Esq.


HKP 55-44 (Taylor's bill for Thomas Fluker from Timothy Foster)

HKP 55-46 (Taylor's bill for Thomas Fluker from Josh. & Saml. Foster and school supplies from Samuel Whiting )

HKP 55-49 (Invoice to Thomas Fluker from Jacob Richardson for board, Timothy Foster for clothing, and Eben Pemberton for tuition and invoice to Francis W. Fluker from Jona. Bond for furniture )

HKP 55-53 (Letter to HK from Geo. Ulmer telling his GU's house burned, Order for shoes from Eben. Pemburton to Mr. Foster for Thomas Fluker)

HKP 55-54 (Letter to Miss Knox from Martha Hager regarding the death of MH's father [Some names illegible], Check to Ceasar Lloyd from HK, Order for shoes from Eben. Pemberton to Mr.'s J. & S. Foster for Thomas Fluker )

HKP 1-22 (Rental agreement between Thomas Fluker and Admiral Montague [10/1/1772, Some names illegible])

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