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HKP 2-2
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Letter from W. Knox to his brother about a boat nearly sinking [12/14/1775]
Lake George
North Landing
Capt. Johnson
W. Knox
HKP 2-20
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Congressional appointment of John Popkins, Esq. to the rank of Captain of a company in the Regiment of Artillery commanded by HK [1/4/1776]
Connecticut New-Hampshire Rhode-Island
Kent New-Jersey South-Carolina
Maryland New-York Suffex on Delaware
Massachusetts-Bay North-Carolina United States
Newcastle Pennsylvania Virginia
President John Hancock
John Popkins Esq.
HKP 2-21
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Letter from HK to LK containing descriptions of Albany and other parts of New York [1/5/1776, Some names illegible]
Albany Montreal
Boston New York
Cambridge Quebec
Lake George Springfield
Colo. Allen
General Howe
General Schuyler
General Washington
HKP 2-22
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Letter from HK to General Washington about delays in the movement of cannons to Cambridge [1/5/1776]
Fort George
Hudson River
Lake George
General Schuyler
General Washington
HKP 2-23
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Letter from HK to Capt. Bayler apologizing for takiing his horse [1/5/1776]
New York
Capt. Bayler
HKP 2-24
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Certification that Jim Gray has ridden seven miles [1/12/1776]
Jim Gray
General Schuyler
HKP 2-24
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Letter from HK to Mr. Swark regarding his movement to Springfield [1/14/1776]
Mr. Swark
HKP 2-25
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List of payments to the recruiting officers of the artillery [1/16/1776]
12/6/1775 12/18/1775
12/12/1775 1/3/1776
12/16/1775 1/16/1776
Capt Leiut Allen Capt. Foster
Lieut Col. William Burbeck Leiut. Dan Preston
Leiut. Hardy Cerice Capt Leiut Preudwell
Capt. Crafts James Warren Esq.
Capt. Dana
HKP 2-26
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Letter from Doct. Cooper to HK concerning Mr. Pollard [1/20/1776]
Doct. Saml. Cooper
Mr. Pollard
HKP 2-27
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Letter from HK to General Washington concerning shells and other articles which were ordered but not delivered [1/25/1776]
Cambridge New York
Kings Bridge Norwich
New London Turtle Bay
Capt. Badlam
General Washington
HKP 2-2
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A return of the officers of the regiment of artillery [1/28/1776]
Capt Lieut David Allen Captain Jotham Drury 3rd Lieut Hardy Pierce
Captain Stephen Badlam 1st Lieut Jon. Welch Estes Captain John Popkins
3rd Lieut Joseph Blake Captain Thomas Wright Foster 2nd Lieut David Preston
1st Lieut David Briant 3rd Lieut Jeremiah Freeman 1st Lieut Thomas Randal
1st Lieut John Briant Capt Lieut Benj. Frothingham Capt Lieut Asa Rowson
2nd Lieut Oliver Brown 2nd Lieut James Furnival Capt Lieut Edward Rumner
3rd Lieut John Bul 2nd Lieut Thomas Jackson 2nd Lieut Joseph Savege
Captain Edward Burbeck Capt Lieut John Johnson Capt Lieut Winter Seargeant
1st Lieut Henry Burbeck 3rd Lieut Peter King Capt Lieut Thomas Seward
Lieut Col William Burbeck Esq 2nd Lieut John Lilly 3rd Lieut Saml. Shaw
3rd Lieut Thomas Carns 2nd Lieut Joseph Loring 2nd Lieut Josiah Simons
Capt Lieut Benajah Carpindor Lieut Col David Mason 1st Lieut Jonas Simuns
2nd Lieut John Chandler 3rd Lieut Thomas Mitchen Captain Ebenezer Stevens
1st Lieut David Cook Captain Simon Morton 1st Lieut William Stevens
1st Lieut Isaac Corin Captain Eliphelet Newell Capt Lieut Timothy Stow
Captain Edward Crafts Capt Lieut Jotham Norton 3rd Lieut James Stule
Major John Crane Esq 2nd Lieut Thomas Nose 1st Lieut John Stumain
Capt Lieut Benjamin Custis 1st Lieut Isaac Packard 3rd Lieut Joseph Thomas
3rd Lieut Saml. Dagget 3rd Lieut Daniel Parker Capt Lieut William Treadwell
Captain William Dana Captain William Perkins 1st Lieut Sam Trent
2nd Lieut Thomas Dean Captain Thomas Pierce 2nd Lieut Thomas Wilds

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