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HKP 3-11
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Letter from Wm. Knox to Lucy discussing every day activities [8/4/1776]
New Haven
Trinity Church
Mr. Benja. Davis Mr. Jarvis Miss Middleton
Mr. Deblois Mr. King Mr. Oliver
Miss Fenton Mrs. Lucy Knox Sally Sheape
Doctor Gardiner Wm. Knox Miss Temple
Harry Jackson Mr. Livingston
HKP 3-110
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Letter to HK from Jotham Horton who is ill with smallpox and needs cash [1/3/1776, should be 1777]; Note to "dear Harry" about being ill and bereft [Undated]
New Jersey
New York
Jotham Horton
Major Willis
HKP 3-111
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Brigadier General Knox's account of Clothing [1777-1783]
1/5/1777 6/24/1777 9/21/1778
2/5/1777 12/29/1777 11/17/1779
2/10/1777 3/28/1778 11/26/1779
2/25/1777 4/9/1778 12/31/1779
3/12/1777 4/30/1778 7/11/1783
3/29/1777 5/20/1778
D. Brooks Mease Capt. Stevens
Capt. Clark Lt. Col. Popham Major Ebenr. Stevens
Capt. Doughty Capt. Savage Lt. Turnbull
Capt. Jotham Drury Adjutant Shaw Capt. Van Dyke
Daniel Kemper Major Shaw Young
Colo. David Mason Doctor Spotswood
HKP 3-112
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HK to LK re battles of Trenton area [1/7/1777]
Brunswick Princeton
Monmouth County Rhode Island
Morris Town Somerset Courthouse
New York Trenton
Lt Col Fleming Genl Leslie
Mr Furnass Earl Leven
Genl Lee Brig. Gen. Mercer
Capt Leslie Capt Neil
HKP 3-113
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HK to Wm Knox [1/8/1776]
N Haven
Capt Bliss
Coll Knox
HKP 3-114
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HK to LK [1/8/1776]
Morris Town
New Haven
Capt Bliss
HKP 3-115
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HK to LK [1/10/1776]
Morris Town
Major Frazier
Mr C Knowles
Colo. Stewart
Capt Lt Samuel Treat
HKP 3-116
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Memo firing J Crane, Ammunition delv'd [1/15/1777]; Extracts from Mr Knowles's instructions from Genl Knox [1/16/1777]
Bound Brook Princeton
Chatham Providence
Corryel's Ferry the Jersies
Morris Town Trenton
Capt Allen Lt Freeman Majr Proctor
Capt Ayres Capt Frothingham Genl Putnam
Capt Bauman Genl Green Lt Reed
Major Blodgett Capt Hamilton Capt Lt Rumney
Capt Brewster Capt Jones Capt Sargent
Capt Brown Capt Lt Kemper Adj S Shaw
Genl Cadwallador Lt King Mr Shaw
Saml. Chase Esq. Mr Knowles Lt Slewman
Capt Lt Clarke Genl Knox Genl St Clair
Capt Lt Joseph Crane Capt Lee Capt Lt Stevens
Genl Dickenson Genl Mifflin Capt Strochbotch
Rev'd Jacob Duese Capt Molory Maj. Genl. Sullivan
Lt Col B Flowers Lt Morrison Lt Swartwart
Capt Forester Colo Potter Lieut. Westcutt
Capt Forrest Major Proctor
HKP 3-117
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"Sundry Accounts" [1/17/1777]
Baolam Lieut. Furnivall Perkins
QrtrMastr Bradlee Cap A Hamilton Cap Perrot
H Burbeck Mr Henley Pierce
E Burbeck Fife Majr Hiwells Mr Pollard
Capt Crafts Genl Knox Popkin
Maj Crane Colo Mason Lieut. Savage
Dana Gen Mifflin Cap Schott
Mr Downes Morton Mr Shaw
Drury Col Moylan Cap Stevens
Foster Newell
HKP 3-118
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List of Artillery in various companies, dispute betw Maj Proctor and unidentified sender over verbal orders [1/22/1777]
Bound Brook
Capt Allen Capt Jones Mr Rutherford
Ayres Capt Lt Kemper Capt Sargent
Bruster Lieut King Lt Slewman
Genl Cadwallador Genl Knox Genl St.Clair
Capt Lt Clark Capt Lee Capt Lt Stevens
Capt Lt.Mr Cuthbert Genl Mifflin Capt Strochbotch
Genl Dickenson Colo Morgan Maj Gen Sullivan
Capt Forrest Lt Morrison Lt Swartwart
Capt Lt Freeman Capt Moulder Genl Warner
Mr French Colo Potter Lt Wescutt
Capt Frothingham Major Proctor Capt Wile
Genl Green Lt Reed
HKP 3-119
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Letter to Wm Knox from J Ingersoll about Mrs Knox's situation [1/23/1777]
New Haven
Mr Hilhauser Mrs Knox
Jonth Ingersoll Mr Pink
Mrs James Mr Webb
Mr William Knox Capt Williams

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