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HKP 55-1
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Provision Return for the Prisoner in the Provost Guard
New York
West Point
James Adams Ebenezer Gilbert David Tricts
Mrs. James Adams Jon't Lillie ADC Wade
Capt. Rich'd Douglap T Shaw ADC John Waid
Sargt. Moses Gilbert Captn. Henr Ten Eyck
HKP 55-10
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
Mr. Province
HKP 55-11
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
HKP 55-12
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jon't Lillie ADC
Mr. Province
HKP 55-13
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jon't Lillie ADC
Mr. Province
HKP 55-14
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Request for provisions for Knox family
West Point
Mr. Bell Capt. Lillie
Rufus Hernenway [?] Majr. Mr. Province
Jacob Johnson Thos Randall
Jon't Lillie ADC
HKP 55-15
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
HKP 55-16
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
HKP 55-17
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lilllie ADC
Mr. Province
HKP 55-18
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
Christopher Smith
HKP 55-19
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Request for provisions for Knox family
Mr. Bell
Jacob Johnson
Jon't Lillie ADC
HKP 55-100
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Deed from Sr. Fardinando Gorges to Richard Tucker and George Cleeve [1/27/1686]
America Pesumpsca
Hog Island Province of New Somersettshire
Machegonne Slagamor
New England
George Cleeve
Sr. Fardinando Gorges
Richard Tucker
HKP 55-101
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Reasons why Springfield is more proper than Brookfield for Magazines [Undated]
America Hudsons River
Brookfield New York
Connecticut Springfield
Connecticut River
HKP 55-102
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Copy of estimate of articles in the Engineers Department in the Northern Army [Undated]
HKP 55-103
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Letter to HK from Dan'l Davis regarding sales to Mr. Bridge , and recommendation for leave for Samuel Warren [11/20/no year]
Mr. Bridge
Dan'l Davis
HKP 55-104
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German Freight manifest, persons listed with age, gender, trade [Undated, Some names illegible]
Johan Baltz Jebilla Barbara Hahn Cathr. Elizabeth Ludewig
Johan Barnhard Joh. Mishael Heins Margth. Ludewig
Maria Eleonarah Barnhard Anna Maria Heins Joh Jost Martin
Phillip Jacob Barnhard Michl. Heysler Anna Maria Martin
Maria Louisa Barnhard Margth. Heysler Anna Catharina Martin
Henrietta Barnhard Cr. Hild Anna Elizabeth Martin
Charles Haub Barnhard Maria Cathr. Hild Johan Martin
Anna Maria Barnhard Maria Cristina Hild Joh Peter Muller
Frantz Antho. Barnhard Maria Elizabeth Hild Anna Catharina Muller
Joh Jost Barnheimer Johan Hild Jost Henry Muller
Anna Dorathea Barnheimer Anna Margareth Hild Willhelm Muller
Conrad Barnheimer Heinzch. Hild Zacharias Noubort
Joh. Michl. Bavez Anna Maria Hild Anna Dorathea Noubort
Nicolaus Biebebiether Peter Hild Johan Christian Noubort
Elizabeth Biebebiether Martin Hoch Johanna Noubort
Cathr. Elizabeth Biebebiether Saloma Hoch Anna Catharina Noubort
Anna Catharina Biebebiether Hans Georg Hoch Georg Oppelt
Friedk. Charles Biebebiether Georg Hubner Elizabeth Oppelt
Maria Margareth Biebebiether Johan Jacob Kein George Michael Oppelt
Anna Margareth Biebebiether Anna Margth. Kein Georg Phillip
Jachim Bornheimer Johann Kein Anthon Piorkhart
Anna Margarth Bornheimer Anna Elizabeth Kein Anna Piorkhart
Gottfried Bornheimer Gertruth Kein Johan Henry Piorkhart
Anna Margth. Bornheimer Margth. Keyser Johan Piorkhart
Dorathea Elizth. Bornheimer Anna Killianta Sl. Ratner
Maria Margth. Bornheimer Anna Maria Killianta Jon. Henry Ronning
Henry Georg Bornheimer Christian Klein Anna Barbara Ronning
Anna Catharina Bornheimer Anna Elizabeth Klein Jhan Martin Ronning
Johan Peter Bornheimer Johan George Klein Johan Geo. Rosh
Michael Brodman Anna Eva Klein Elizabeth Rosh
Jost Henry Bummer Willm. Ernst Klein Conrad Rosh
Johan Jost Bummer Anna Maria Klein Christoph Rosh
Maria Elizabeth Bummer Mr. Knochel Margth. Ruda
Joh Geo. Burkhart Mrs. Knochel Franz Rudel
Maria Margth. Burkhart Johan Kohler Massh. Seidensuerger
Anna Catharina Anna Margth. Kohler Margjoh Susana Seidensuerger
Casper Claus Johan Peter Krahn Johan Jacob Seidensuerger
Conrad Claus Elizabeth Krahn Joh. Jacob Shaffer
Albertine Claus Margth. Barbara Krahn Nicolaus Shuman
Johan Claus Hans Kunsel Anna Catharina Shuman
Jacob Dackendorff Elizth. Kunsel Joh. Geo. Smause
Jon. Peter Daurenheiner Friedk. Kunsel Martin Ulmer
Susanna Maria Daurenheiner Cristian Kunsel Mar. Barb. Ulmer
Andreas Doring Bernhart Kunsel Resina Barba. Ulmer
Maria Margth. Doring Margtha Kunsel Elizth. Cathr. Ulmer
Cashrina Barbarah Doring Elizabeth Kunsel Jacobina Ulmer
Andreas Elsslain Geo. Lauchnauer Joh. Wm. Wagner
Veronica Elsslain Sophia Saloma Lauchnauer Christ Elizabeth Wagner
Nicolaus Engel Jacob Friedr. Lauchnauer Joh. Jachm. Weber
Anna Margth. Engel Hans Geo. Leicht Anna Elizabeth Weber
Gatts. Feiler Anna Leicht Joh. Josh Weber
Regina Feiler Hans Georg Leicht Anna Margart. Weber
Eva Cr. Feiler Catharina Leicht Anna Elizth. Wellir
Franz Feiler Peter Leicht Theis Wesser
Barb. Feiler Joh. Henry Long Anna Catharina Wesser
Caspar Feiler Anna Catharina Long Jah. Jacob Weyb
Johan Peter Gartz Heinrich Caspar Long Anna Elizabeth Weyb
Anna Maria Gartz Franz Long Conrad Weyb
Anna Clera Gartz Anna Gertruth Long Friedrch. Winchenbach
Johan Carl Gartz Jost Henry Long Anna Cathr. Winchenbach
Anna Elizabeth Gartz Peter Lovensiller Jacob H. J. Winchenbach
Joh. George Gross Annassile Lovensiller Anna Eva Winchenbach
Georg Hahn Johan Adams Lovensiller Catharina Elizabeth Winchenbach
Margareth Hahn Anna Catharina Lovensiller Cr. Wolfssgrouer
Christoph Hahn Georg Wilhelin Lovensiller Maria Margth. Wolfssgrouer
Hans Georg Hahn Anna Maria Lovensiller Ursula Wolfssgrouer
Joh. Friedarick Hahn Johan Catharina Lovensiller Anna Maria Zieler
Georg Friedrick Hahn Anna Margarth. Lovensiller Gertruth Zieler
Hans Phillips Hahn Jacob Ludewig
HKP 55-105
More Info
Account sales for HK, paper, account books, trunk; Letter to HK in French [Undated]
Mr. Dhuer
HKP 55-106
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Clothing furnished by the public to a soldier [Undated]
HKP 55-107
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Receipt of accounts ; Memo [Undated]
William Bodowin B. Hichben Mr. Sherbur
Joseph Crelins Widow Jackson Cap. John Smith
Crellins Jones Mr. Stedman
Mr. Flucker Jonnathan Kneeland Williams
Franklin Mr. N. Palnop Mr. Winslow
Mr. Benjamin Hallowell Josyha Quincy Esq. Mr. Winston
HKP 55-108
More Info
An account of forty five pounds taken from your yrs. salary [Undated]
Mr. Beauman
Mrs. O

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