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HKP 55-81
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German Freight manifest, persons listed with age, gender, trade; names of born on board and died on board. [Undated, Some names illegible]
Joh. Michl. Bauie Martin Hoch Anna Elizth. Nellin
Nicolaus Biebelriether Saloma Hoch Zacharias Neuber
Elizabeth Biebelriether Hans Georg Hoch Anna Dorathea Neuber
Cathr. Elizabeth Biebelriether Conrad Hoch Appellona Dorathea Neuber
Anna Catharina Biebelriether Georg Hubner Johan Christian Neuber
Johan Boltz Margth. Keyfer Johanna Neuber
Joh. Jost Bornheimer Christian Klein Anna Catharina Neuber
Anna Dorathea Bornheimer Anna Elizth. Klein Georg Oppell
Conrad Bornheimer Johan George Klein Elizabeth Oppell
Joachim Bornheimer Louisa Klein Georg Michael Oppell
Anna Margarith Bornheimer Louisa Margth. Klein Friedk. Charles Oppell
Gottfried Bornheimer Pillip Klein Maria Margareth Oppell
Anna Margth. Bornheimer Joh. Michael Kleinsmith Anna Margareth Oppell
Dorathea Elizth. Bornheimer Anna Maria Kleinsmith Anthon Purkhart
Maria Margth. Bornheimer Mr. Knochel Anna Purkhart
John Phillp. Bornheimer Johan Kohler Johan Henry Purkhart
Elizabeth Bradbay Anna Eva Kohler Johan Purkhart
Michael Brodman Willm. Emmanl. Kohler Joh. Henry Remmingin
Jost Henry Bunner Anna Maria Kohler Anna Barbarah Remmingin
Johan Bunner Anna Margth. Kohler Sebilla Barbarah Remmingin
Maria Margth. Bunner Christian Kohler Johan Martin Remmingin
Joh. Geo. Burkhart Johan Peter Krahn Johan Geo. Roth
Maria Margth. Burkhart Elizabeth Krahn Elizabeth Roth
Caspar Claws Marth. Barbara Krahn Conrad Roth
Agneese Claws Hans Kunsel Christoph Roth
Conrad Claws Elizth. Kunsel S. C. Rotner
Albertine Claws Fried K. Kunsel Telis Rotner
Johan Claws Cristian Kunsel Margth. Ruda
Georg Phillip Claws Bernharl Kunsel Frans Rudel
Andreas Daring Margtha Kunsel Joh. Jacob Shaffer
Maria Margth. Daring Elizabeth Kunsel Nicolaus Shuman
Catherina Barbarah Daring Geo. Lauchnauer Anna Catharina Shuman
Joh Peter Daurenheiner Sophia Saloma Lauchnauer Joahn Bernhard Shuman
Susanna Maria Daurenheiner Jacob Fried Lauchnauer Maria Eleonarah Shuman
Jacob Doikendorff Hans Geo. Leichl Phillip Jacob Shuman
Andreas Elfsin Anna Leichl Maria Louisa Shuman
Veronica Elfsin Hans Georg Leichl Henrietta Shuman
Nicolaus Engel Catharina Leichl Charles Slaub
Anna Margth. Engel Peter Leichl Anna Maria Slaub
Johan Peter Gartz Joh Henry Long Frantz Antho. Slaub
Anna Maria Gartz Anna Catharina Long Joh. Geo. Smause
Anna Clera Gartz Heinrich Caspar Long Joh. Wm. Snaudy
Johas Carl Gartz Anna Cathr. Long Anna Christiana Snaudy
Anna Elizabeth Gartz Anna Christ. Long Maria Cathr. Snaudy
Henry Georg Peter Lovensiller Matth. Sudenoberger
Anna Catherine Georg Annaple Lovensiller Gottsd. Teiler
Anna Margath. Georg Johan Adam Lovensiller Regina Teiler
Johan Peter Georg Anna Catharina Lovensiller Eva Cr. Teiler
Joh. Georg Gnoss Georg Wilhelm Lovensiller Frans Teiler
Maria Cathr. Gortz Anna Maria Lovensiller Barba. Teiler
Christoph Gortz Johan Christian Lovensiller Caspar Teiler
Jos. Christian Gortz Johan Christina Lovensiller Martin Ulmer
Georg Hahn Anna Margaretha Lovensiller Barba. Ulmer
Margareth Hahn Gertruth Ludewig Rasina Barba. Ulmer
Christoph Hahn Jacob Ludewig Elisth. Cathr. Ulmer
Hans Georg Hahn Cathr. Elizabeth Ludewig Jacobina Ulmer
Joh. Friedarick Hahn Margth. Ludewig Maria Margth. Ulmer
Georg Friedrick Hahn Johan Jaird Ludewig Joh. Wm. Wagner
Hans Phillip Hahn Jost Ludewig Christ. Elizabeth Wagner
Johan Jacob Hein Joh. Jost Martiss Margth. Elizabeth Wagner
Anna Margth. Hein Anna Maria Martiss Theis Weber
Johann Hein Anna Christina Martiss Anna Catharina Weber
Anna Elizabeth Hein Anna Elizabeth Martiss Joh. Joachm. Weber
Gertruth Hein Johann Martiss Joh. Jost Weber
Michl. Heysler Anna Catharina Martiss Anna Margath. Weber
Margth. Heysler Anna Martiss Anna Elizabeth Weber
Cr. Hild Johan Geo. Menk Jah Jacob Weyl
Maria Cathr. Hild Gertruth Menk Anna Elizabeth Weyl
Phillip Hild Joh. Phillip Menk Conrad Weyl
Peter Hild Johan Menk Friedrch. Winehenbach
Anna Catharina Hild Dietrick Mey Anna Catharina Winehenbach
Maria Cristina Hild Anna Maria Mey Jacob H. Winehenbach
Maria Elizabeth Hild Jost Henry Muller Anna Eva Winehenbach
Maria Mathr. Hild Anna Margth. Muller Catharina Elizabeth Winehenbach
Johan Hild Anna Catharina Muller Cr. Wolfssgrouer
Anna Margareth Hild Franz Muller Ursula Wolfssgrouer
Maria Christina Hild Anna Gertruth Muller Anna Maria Ziegler
Heinrch. Hild Joh. Peter Muller Gertruth Ziegler
Anna Maria Hild Willhelm Muller Maria Ziegler
Johan Jost Hild

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